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Better Conduct Of Your Business Model

The long experience of integrated management solutions acquired by ORADIST allows us to affirm that for any ERP project, the two major success factors are the methodology and the expertise of the work teams in business solutions. Thus, ORADIST mobilizes the expertise of its functional and technical consultants for the implementation and integration of applications specific to Oracle Applications solutions.

Why Choose Us ?


Better Conduct of Your Business Model

By the availability of our experts in Oracle application solutions.

Flexibility & Responsiveness

Total control of your project deadline as a reference.

Functional & Technical Support

We provide functional & technical support based on your specific needs and provided by our senior consultants who are experts in Oracle applications.

Our Fields Of Intervention

Installing the Oracle Applications package

Product of the new information System

Implementation and configuration of modules

Support post go live

Key user training

Success Factors

100% Phases Carried

Out In 2023

Oradist ensures, thanks to its business expertise, both the development of specific applications around standard Oracle Applications modules, as well as user assistance and operation of the system after the deployment of the project.

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Expertise In Oracle Applications Solutions
Control Of The Deadline