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Ooredoo Tunisia knew it wanted to respond more quickly to market demands. He also wanted more efficient infrastructure. And he didn’t want more capital spending. The company was able to achieve all three goals and more through integration with Oracle Cloud Integration.

“The telecommunications industry is very competitive and requires an agile and adaptable IT infrastructure to accommodate necessary changes.”

Comments Mohamed Ali Dhaouadi,Ooredoo Tunisia

Oracle DevOps: In The Service Of Development

Ooredoo Tunisia, leading mobile telephony operator in Tunisia, is the Tunisian subsidiary of the Ooredoo Group. Essential player in the new technology sector. Ooredoo Tunisia serves Tunisia, and aims to be a reliable and technologically best-equipped supplier. To achieve this, the company places strong emphasis on in-house research, application development using Oracle DevOps and design capabilities so that it can continually develop new products and services and become the first choice client.

Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Maintaining profitability and reducing capital expenditure is imperative in the telecommunication industry. Ooredoo Tunisia has understood that integrating its flows with the group in a secure manner using Oracle Cloud Security is a good way to avoid redundancy of files with suppliers, to transform IT costs into OPEX and to maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moving to an as-a-service model allows the business to consume services only as needed, saving money.

Managing the platform with Oracle Cloud Data Management made it easier for Ooredoo Tunisia to manage their subscription.

“The telecommunications industry is highly competitive and requires an agile and adaptable IT infrastructure to accommodate necessary changes.
We leverage Oradist’s proven IT expertise to provide continuous innovation and modernization to keep us at the forefront of technology.”

Comments Mohamed Ali Dhaouadi,Ooredoo Tunisia

Source to Settle (S2S)

Mohamed Ali emphasizes the requirements of Ooredoo Tunisia in terms of integration of the Ivalua Solution (SaaS) with the Ooredoo ERP (On premise) and the ICS system to facilitate end-to-end purchasing processes.

The Request Initially Was To Have An End-To-End Data Integration Solution Process, Including :
  • End-to-end data integration diagrams between ERP, ICS and Ivalua.
  • Data synchronization for objects required for Ivalua functional requirements.
  • Mapping/Extracting ERP master data into Ivalua acceptable CSV format.
  • Transfer of transactional data between ERP and Ivalua platforms via Oracle ICS
Leader In Telecommunications Services

Ooredoo Tunisia is a leader in telecommunications services, it is also a leader in digital transformation. Now, Ooredoo Tunisia has a unified platform that efficiently supports all their purchasing processes using the latest Oracle technology. The implementation of this platform brought the following advantages:

  • Significant reduction in paper activities.
  • Eliminate human errors by avoiding manual calculations
  • Simplification of the infrastructure by adopting the cloud platform.
  • KPI and SLA management.

Oradist’s Service

“What we get is quality, highly responsive IT expertise and guaranteed 24/7 infrastructure reliability and stability, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining our own data centers, Oradist knows our processes extremely well and is our proven partner in supporting new critical business initiatives.”

Comments Mohamed Ali DhouadiOoredoo Tunisia