Tunisia Telecom

It is the historic telecommunications operator in Tunisia, offering services in the field of telecommunications: fixed, mobile, internet and data. Tunisie Telecom account is at the head of the largest network of commercial agencies and points of sale spread throughout the Tunisian territory.
Tunisie Telecom has an activity dedicated to businesses and professionals. With its efficient, pragmatic and business-friendly solutions, TT has gained the trust of professionals and businesses throughout Tunisia.


Word from the IT Executive Director

regarding Oracle Technology

“The Oracle solutions deployed allowed us to respond precisely to the identified needs. For example, thanks to Oracle’s Siebel CRM we found the best lead generation channels !”

Comments Chekib BLEL, Corporate IS Executive Director of Tunisie Telecom.

Major Challenges

  • Improve transparency in gathering business and budget information from many disparate applications, each with different data formats and user interfaces.
  • Unload the production databases of costly operational reporting queries.
  • Unify planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles to improve project management and financial control across the enterprise.
  • Generate leads for salespeople around mobile/fixed/internet offers offered to businesses.
  • Increase the customer retention rate in a mobile phone market where new entrants are very aggressive.

Our Solutions

  • Deployed Oracle Database11g to create a robust, highly available and easily scalable database given the rapid growth in the volume of information about our mobile customers
  • Using accurate and more easily accessible information through the user-friendly use of Oracle E-Business Suite interfaces when it comes to making decisions.
  • Better perception and understanding of business activities thanks to Oracle GoldenGate, which allowed us to set up real-time BI and offload queries to optimize OLTP performance.
  • Use of the Oracle Siebel CRM solution facilitates the promotion of flagship offers, and to increase their acceptance rate by customers.

Why Oradist?

“ORADIST, has been essential to the success of Tunisie Telecom’s projects. ORADIST supported TT's internal teams during the implementation of all projects, demonstrating in-depth expertise and flexibility to meet their needs.”

Explains Chekib BLEL,Corporate IS Executive Director of Tunisie Telecom.

Why Oracle ?

“Oracle solutions were chosen by our various divisions because they seemed to us to be the most advanced on the market in terms of functionalities and also the best suited to our requirements regarding the robustness and reliability of the technologies we use.”

Explains Chekib BLEL,Corporate IS Executive Director of Tunisie Telecom.

Oracle Products & Solutions

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Siebel CRM